Many people when faced with the problem of a hurting neck are torn between which treatments to administer. They are unaware why it occurred and how to actually calm the problem.

Diana, a 38 years old female living in South Carolina, has had a hurting neck for the last two weeks. It started hurting someday as she left work. She had had a normal day and so it was a surprise for her how the problem came to be.

She thought they were just normal problems and that they would eventually go away with time. To her surprise three days passed and it was even getting worse.

She took some pain relievers and though the pain went away, she still experienced it after sometimes. She has been taking pain relievers to actually enable her to sleep. It’s been such a discomfort for her and she wishes she could just do away with the problem once and for all.

She however required knowing the different causes of hurting of neck and how to treat them for her to succeed out of it all.

Here are Reasons Why Your Neck Hurts?

Here are causes of hurting in the neck and their treatments that Diana went through and has realized positive results.

neck strains
Muscle strains are major causes of neck pain

1. Muscle tension

Every day we engage in activities which culminate in our daily bread or a healthy lifestyle.

These activities will cause repeated movements of your neck and other body parts. As a result you are likely to develop neck muscle problems.

Muscle tension is straining of your muscles. This can be caused by straining of your muscles or overstretching. Remember in your neck region is a section of the spine which passes through there and has cervical disks.

When this spine and in specific the cervical discs are misaligned, they are likely to influence your muscles negatively.

The movement of your neck is influenced and facilitated by this muscle. In case they are compressed by a dislocated disc or constricted this will hurt your neck. Because you will tend to have muscle spasms in your neck.

A good example is when you bend over a desk for hours. Many office workers and mostly those involved in a lot of keyboarding are likely to fall prey of this. This will cause a poor posture which will stress your muscles.

Due to this some pain will come out of your neck. The more you have a poor posture the more muscle tension you will experience and the more hurting your neck will be.

A poor sleeping position will also contribute to this. It will increase pressure on your neck muscles and tire them. This will aggravate pains and may even have effects to your shoulders and upper back.

good neck massage
Try having a good neck and back massage that will relieve the neck tension

To treat this, you will require buying a good pillow to use while sleeping.

A good pillow is one that will allow a good head and neck position during your sleep. This allows for proper alignment of your neck bones all through.

Additionally, perform a massage on your neck. This will release the tension on your muscles and strengthen them.

Try a massage with a hot liquid or hot olive oil. This is known to have efficient results.

Finally, perform neck exercises to rehabilitate your neck and keep any hurting of your neck at bay.

2. Neck injuries

These are problem that affect the structure and functionality of your neck. Any component of your neck is likely to get injuries ranging from your muscles, discs, and the spine itself.

A disc in your neck is likely to bulge. This is the protrusion of one or more of the discs that surround your cervical spine. This protrusion will lead to an increase in mass of that particular disc.

In effect, it will occupy more space. As a result, the surrounding parts such as muscles and nerves will be pressed. The results of this will be pains in your neck. The bulging also will lower your ability to make neck movements.

Herniated disc and a slipped disc are also good causes of hurting of the neck. Herniation is cracking of your discs and the internal disc material which is always jellylike leaks out. It also leads to bulging. Slipping of your disc is similar to herniation but in this case the disc completely raptures and the internal material spills over.

whiplash neck pain
experiencing a whiplash during an accident causing neck injuries

An accident may be a car accident is likely to cause neck injuries such as fractures or so. All this will hurt your neck when they occur.

To treat neck injuries you will require taking some nonsteroid anti-inflammatory medications. This will lower inflammation and heal the pain.

Then wear a neck brace. This is a soft or hard material that will hold your neck in good alignment. This will allow any fractures to heal. It’s good to treat herniation, bulging and slipping of your discs.

Traction will also be a good one for you. It will remove the cause of stress. Finally perform neck exercises. This will be to return your neck to normal after bracing. Exercises will strengthen your neck and keep off any causes of injuries.

3. Pinched nerve in neck

cervical radiculopathy
How to relieve a pinched nerve in neck (cervical radiculopathy)

The reason your neck is hurting is probably because of a pinched nerve in neck. This is an entrapment of a nerve in your neck.

Remember your neck is endowed with numerous nerves and it’s at your neck that other nerves branch to other body parts. Nerves that serve your body pass though your neck. It is therefore very dangerous to have a pinched nerve at the neck.

A tumor will cause you a pinched nerve. As the tumor grows, it will fight for more space and as a result will pressurize any nerve next to it. This will in return entrap the nerve.

A big contributor of pinching in the neck is dislocation or injury of any disc. As we have seen before, your disc can bulge, get herniated or even become slipped. When this happens, the baseline is that the disc will be bulged.

Remember your spine houses in addition to other things your nerves. In between the discs are also spaces through which the nerves leave the spine to serve for instance the shoulders. When a disc is bulged for example, it will entrap your nerve at its nerve root.

This will cause pain, loss of sensation and numbness in your neck and to the parts that the trapped nerve serves.

To treat this you should first take some anti inflammatory drugs. This will heal that pain and the inflammation. Applying ice and later a hot pack will work out well too. Ice acts similarly to anti-inflammatory medications. A hot back relieves your muscles any stress and you can couple it with massage.

Finally, begin sleeping on a firm mattress and use a comfortable neck pillow always.

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